Swedish Army Museum in Stockholm

The Swedish Army Museum is situated at Östermalm in central Stockholm.

The Swedish Army Museum, or Armémuseum in Swedish, exhibits Swedens military history from the Vikings to the present.

The displays include weapons, trophies and other objects related to the Swedish Army, and also focus on the recreation of realistic and representative scenes of the great battles and its soldiers.

The flags and trophies of defeated armies are put on display in a special department of the Swedish Army Museum.

The building it self was constructed in 1867 as an artillery arsenal, but was already in 1877 to be converted into an Artillery Museum. Since 1932 the Armémuseum in Stockholm represents the whole Swedish Army

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Författare: david_thyberg


Författare: david_thyberg


Videos from Armémuseum

Swedish troops returning from Afganistan are recieved by the Minister of Defence at The Swedish Army Museum in Stockholm, December 2009.


Museum details


Riddargatan 13. See map below.
Metro: T-Östermalmstorg
Bus: Bus 47, 69 to Nybroplan

Contact details

Tel:  (+46) (0)8 51956300
Web: sfhm.se


Källa www.stockholmmuseum.com/museums/historic/armemuseum97.htm






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